Organisational Structure

The URWA’s organizational structure shown below reflects the framework around which Association is organized. The structure shows the hierarchy of decision making and reporting lines. Below are the key highlights of URWA’s governance structure:

General Assembly: Is the supreme policy making body of the Association. It comprises the membership of the Association i.e. the individuals and organizations that subscribe to the Association.  Currently URWA has a total membership of 36 NGOs and 53 Individuals. The General Assembly is held once in a year.

Executive Committee: Is responsible for policy and oversight of Secretariat. The committee is elected by the General Assembly and serves for a period of three years.

Secretariat: Is the implementing organ of the Association. It is responsible for the day to day activities of the Association. The current Secretariat establishment comprises Liaison Officer who is the head; Finance and Administration Officer, Program Support and Communication Officer, Administration Assistant and Volunteers.

URWA Current Organisation Structure

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